21 06 2008

Should I be grateful? I was but now that I see these covers, I’m not so sure…Naomi Campbell for one is pretty dark skinned…

But having been an obsessive fan of fashion for the past 18 years thus having divulged any fashion mag I can get my hands on, this is a breath of fucking fresh air.

Why do they hate us sooo?

Power? Economics? That dirty brown colour that we are?

It seems/is so tedious cause we ain’t talking about politics here-that’s a diff ball game that we GET but come on fashion, can you NEVER be inspired by a girl with a dark skin tone? Even though they always make the best walkers cause of rythm? They were colourful clothes the best cause of the contrast with the darker skin? Really?


NY Times has an article on the mag and their are a few highlighted gems. Like I said, they’ve made those girls look so pale…

Mr. Meisel has his own theories about why black models, save for the token few, have disappeared from runways. “Perhaps the designers, perhaps the magazine editors,” he said. “They are the powerful people. And the advertisers. I have asked my advertising clients so many times, ‘Can we use a black girl?’ They say no.” The concern is that consumers will resist the product, he said. “It all comes down to money.”

Like I said…….

“Mine is not a magazine that can be accused of not using black girls,” said Ms. Sozzani, noting that Naomi Campbell has had several covers, and that Liya Kebede and Alek Wek have also had covers.

Hmm, that’s not ENOUGH but I guess she is trying…right?

Anyhow-it looks lush…

Hey look, even Halston LOVED the black ladieeez….

And the gorgeous…..Se-fucking-ssilee! OUCH!

More @ my fashion site YA’LL!




5 responses

22 06 2008

Sisselee is STUNNING. I agree with the whiter then black vogue covers but it’s something. even though it makes us even more of a caricture and a ‘collectables item’!

23 06 2008

They only like you if your “exotically” Black. That is…your coarse hair should still be long and your eyes should still be blue, or atleast a light color. I’m sick of being held to Caucasian standards of beauty! Thats why I got excited that Essence Magazine is showing more fashion….Id seriously love to see a best selling Black Fashion Magazine! I think that is the only way our true natural beauty will ever be recognized.

23 06 2008

Oh, also….would anyone happen to know how much an Italian Vogue costs in the US?

23 06 2008

I reckon $10 dollars

23 06 2008

Oh, and I’d LOVE to see a best selling black magazine! Sigh, I have thought of starting one but I’m still jarred by starting my own zine! But I hear you and AGREE…

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