MEDIA BITES: WHY the FUCK is Kelly Osbourne doing as an AGONY AUNT for THE SUN newspaper????

9 06 2008

1) We know The Sun is cack.
2) We know it’s shit.
3) We know that it doesn’t deliver real news AT ALL.

But still? Kelly ‘fucking’ Osbourne? Who wants to get advice from that over privileged and overrated brat who only ‘discovered’ her Englishness once she lost favor with the LA party gilrls??? Come on BRITAIN!!


Kelly Says:

“I FEEL honoured and super-excited to be launching my first column as The Sun’s teen trouble shooter.

After answering your letters earlier this year, I’ve been invited back to give advice once a month – and absolutely no subject is off limits.

Believe me, after nine months of tackling the problems of listeners phoning in to Radio 1, I’m prepared for anything, so don’t be embarrassed!

And while we’re on the subject of embarrassment, I had to pay the price for going for a girls’ night out recently when some less-than-flattering pictures were all over the papers the next day. So I don’t claim to be perfect. What I’m more interested in is having the opportunity to listen to the issues affecting the country’s teenagers – and be realistic with my advice.

It’s hard being a teen – desperate to be heard but still being treated like a child. That’s why I want to hear your worries, fears and stresses, whether it’s lack of confidence, boyfriend woes, sexually transmitted infections or exams – it’s all welcome on this page.”

She’s “super-excited”!
She doesn’t “claim to be perfect”!
She ‘gets’ what it’s like to be a frustrated teen-she’s “had pictures of herself plastered all over the newspapers”!

Oh Giles! This should be a laugh. Who wants to bet that whilst the Sun’s real teen and less famous Agony Aunt is writing this drivel, Our Kelly is busy hoovering up coke and complaining about how her last cheque of £150,000 K for an appearance turned up late, so she has to cancel a manicure with her dog???

Via The Sun.




3 responses

10 06 2008

Twat…the sun is such a joke.

27 08 2008

FFS give her a break…at least she is helping people out whilst getting a huge cheque for it…its just jelousy

28 08 2008

Oh piss off, she doesn’t need a break! The untalented cow!

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