SIENNA MILLER DUMPS RHYS IFANS: Errr who’s shocked??!!

4 06 2008

Ok, I’ve sat on this story for a while, so why didn’t I post? Cause it AIN’T news! I’m just impressed with our little London slutty that she ‘stayed’ with him for THIS long! Talk about digging! Nothing about this girl doesn’t say that she wouldn’t end up marrying some society guy, rich public school prick or faux pretentious actor….heh, at least she PISSED off Kate Moss!!? YEY!

Hmm, they don’t look so happy there? Actually-she seems in control and he’s relegated to the back. Poor Rhys, he’s forever the crazy un-ambitious but fun friend!

I’ve never brought this relationship-especially via HER. She was blatantly using him but he was too in a more subtle way. He was part of a celeb couple, she was/is a hot emerging starlet, has a little clout….I’d bet my dead dogs teeth that his “recent roles” have been via their association. So, well Sienna ain’t that bad really….

Any-WAYS here a pic of when it all started…..ahhhhh….




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