4 06 2008

‘The lone warrior fighting against a pop star accused of pedophilia with disturbing evidence, amongst a gang of sycophantic music fans

‘Welcome dear stranger to what we now call, our society’

This is just too fucking depressing for words. God we SUCK as race huh? Sing pretty tunes, have a pretty face or make pretty money and you can rape, kill, imprison-do whateverthefuck you want. Thou shall remain in thy pedastal. Aiight.

27-year-old Lisa Van Allen claims to have partaken in the videotaped sexual encounter between R. Kelly and the underage girl in question:

““Van Allen testified that Kelly taped their trysts and alleged that last year he offered her $250,000 to recover one of the tapes. She told the court that Kelly seemed obsessed with taping his exploits and claims he carried around a bag full of the homemade videos. ”He carried it everywhere with him,” she said. ”Wherever he was at, the bag would follow him. It went to the studio. … It went to the gym. … It went to video shoots.” But one of those tapes fell out of his possession.”

She then went on to reveal that the tape in question was short because she had started crying and Kelly stopped filming and told her the footage was useless if she was crying. When asked if she could identify the other girl in the tape she said:

“I recognized her body, her face, her hair, her breasts – especially her breasts, because back then, I felt like she was so much bigger than me. And I recognize his face, his bald head, his genitals, his back, everything.”

Some pretty damning evidence we’re sure you’ll agree, now arrange these words into a well-known phrase; R. Kelly is a, paddle, shit, without, creek, up.”





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