MEDIA BITES: HILARY CLINTON: ‘It’s Your Fault’ BILL CLINTON: ‘No it’s Your Fault’

4 06 2008

It’s no news to ya’ll that I think the Clintons are as corrupt as they come. And no, I’m no naive Nancy either-I know ALL politicians are corrupt to…please….c’est la vie non? But these two make me chuckle a helluva lot. Ahh Hilz…..
Clinton spoof from Private Eye

I do feel for Hilz and was actually pro her at the start but when one starts to loose, you really get to see the personality of someone. And it wasn’t pretty.

So was Bill to blame? Did he LOVE or STEAL the limelight? Allegedly so-though I don’t agree. Yeah, Bill Clinton is Bill Clinton but he has been pretty quite through out this whole campaign. He only started to speak when she started to loose badly…

“Purdum accuses Clinton of being out of control and consumed by a ‘cavernous narcissism’.

‘He is the bride at every wedding and the corpse at every funeral he attends,’ Purdum writes in his 10,000-word monstering of the former President.

Among the revelations is that some of Clinton’s aides believe his heart surgery four years ago fundamentally altered his state of mind.

There’s an anger in him that I find surprising,’ one senior aide tells Vanity Fair. ‘There seems to be an abiding anger in him, and not just the summer thunderstorms of old'”

Nothing new here but that attack is too personal, how about we bet that Bill fucked his wife??

“There is also a major onslaught on the ‘decidedly unpresidential company’ that Bill keeps. He left the presidency £6 million in debt – due mostly to legal bills he ran up fending off accusations of financial and sexual shenanigans.

Ever since then, he has been on a mission to build his fortune, which was revealed this year to stand at more than £50million. Some he made from writing and speaking; but the rest has come from dubious business associations with men such as Ron Burkle, a self-made supermarket mogul with a taste for young girlfriends.

Clinton and Burkle are extremely close friends, and Clinton regularly flies around the world on Burkle’s jet – known to some as ‘Ron Air’ but to Clinton’s young aides as ‘Air F*** One’. Clinton is also close to Stephen Bing, the film producer and investor who fathered a child with Elizabeth Hurley.

Clinton has also frequently flown on private jets provided by New York investor Jeffrey Epstein, who has since faced federal investigation for allegedly hiring under-age girls for massages and perhaps more in ‘a house stocked with sex toys and genitalia-shaped soaps’.”

Ahh, Burkle my dodgy buddy! And Epstein, the dude that likes little girls! Oh Billy, Billy BOOH!! But is this anything new? What I find shocking is with that load of mates, she was STILL able to get as many points as she did….fuck, America is one RACIST country…

And she is married to him, I won’t hear any of that crap that but ‘it’s just Hilary not Bill who is running’. Please.

“Though the records of donors to the library remain closed, Clinton is known to have taken large cheques from the Saudi royal family and the governments of Dubai, Kuwait and Qatar. His foundation has received a pledge of £50 million from a Canadian mining magnate, Frank Giustra. Clinton accompanied Giustra on a trip to Kazakhstan in 2005 to see the dictatorial president Nursultan Nazarbayev. Giustra was later given access to three lucrative uranium contracts in the country.

The strong impression was left that Clinton lent his credibility to Giustra in return for money for his library and foundation. Clinton’s foundation has done impressive work in the fields of HIV/Aids, clean water and disaster relief. In the mind of the former President, the benefit of such work renders the sources of the foundation’s money irrelevant.

As one senior Clinton adviser told Purdum: ‘I think there’s also a kind of sentiment that if somebody’s given us money to save the lives of tens of thousands of kids who have HIV, let somebody f****** bitch about it.’ However, Clinton’s cavalier approach to money extends further. His postpresidential office and staff, paid for by the taxpayer, dwarf those of other Presidents. Despite receiving £3.2 million for writing his latest book on philanthropy, titled Giving, he gave away only £500,000 of it to charity.””

Hmm, there are some interesting tidbits but you can pretty much guess the content. Bill Clinton is corrupt and a hypocrite-no shit. I’m just glad this torturous thing is finally over….

News VIA The Mail




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10 06 2008
G. Johnson

Yep, the good old USA doged a bullet this time………..good riddance to them both. Bill and Hillary are both narcisstic sociopaths who care little for anyone but themselves and have perfected the art of faking empathy. And IMO Bill is by far the master of the two on the faking of empathy.

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