CFDA AWARDS: GO GIRL: Ashley Olsen!!

4 06 2008

This girl keeps on impressing thy over and over again with her ‘effortless’ style. Pity Mary-Kate tries so goddamn HARD!


What’s happened to Maggie G?? She used to be so hot-just cause you have a kid doesn’t mean you have to turn up frumpy? Heck, she was always an elitist arty farty conformist.

Oh Zac Posen is soooo cute! Viva having a man on this list! It’s BAD!!

Damn, I thought she was in prison or something? She looks drab-bless, she’s trying to do th demure look!




One response

10 06 2008

First off – Ashley. I must admit that she has it more together than her sister (who’s face is always greasy from all the drug use), but this outfit is lame. Unless you’re a lesbian or about to strip, a tuxedo on a girl is not a great idea.

Maggy G has never been and is not hot. She has a pound-puppy face and it looks like her eyes are sliding off the sides of her face. I don’t know how she gets movies, she’s not a great actress and she’s not pretty, so she must suck a mean dick to get parts.

Naomi -beat-a-ho-Campbell looks like botox hell. She’s smiling (which usually sparks loads of wrinkles in the face) and it’s looking so messed up. Those balloon pants are disgusting. Did we learn nothing from MC Hammer?

On a positive note, that Zac guy is pretty cute (even though the button on his jacket looks like it’s about to give).

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