29 05 2008

Dior have had to drop Sharon’s ads from their advertisements in China. Oo er.

I think she has a point though….China isn’t the erm, sweetest country….but is it me or isn’t it ironic that they’ve literally prevented Sharon Stone from voicing her opinions, like they have, erm done to Tibet?

“Facing the possibility of a boycott of its products, the luxury company said Thursday that it had dropped the American actress Sharon Stone from its advertising in China after she suggested last week that the recent earthquakes in Sichuan Province were karmic retribution for the country’s treatment of Tibet.

The gaffe, which also has provoked calls for boycotts of Stone’s films, brought sharp criticism in the media. Xinhua, the state-run news agency, referred to the actress in an editorial on Thursday as “public enemy of all mankind.”

The Associated Press quoted an official at Dior’s Shanghai office as saying that the ads featuring Stone would no longer appear in China. And Dior released a statement in which Stone apologized, saying: “Due to my inappropriate words and acts during the interview, I feel deeply sorry and sad about hurting Chinese people. I am willing to take part in the relief work of China’s earthquake, and wholly devote myself to helping affected Chinese people.””

The fucking Chinese government are insane. You’ve done exactly what you are trying to deny-preventing humans their basic right to freedom of speech.

The shit and scary thing about China is that it’s getting richer and richer-so they can get away with being the most evil nation in the world.

Money Speaks. Money brings power. And powers shuts people up.

VIVA the world!!

VIVA free speech!!




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29 05 2008
Anoter View

Look at yourself in the mirror, which country has wrought more human suffering to the world? Who deliberately created wars in the middle east and former soviet union and caused deaths of untold millions? China? Hardly. By manufacturing for the world at a lower price, they caused grievous pollution and price rise in oil. Europeans could do it, we have a right to dominate manufacturing, we can sell goods at 5 times your Chinese price and maintain our wonderful standard of living.

With the one-child policy, you Chinese have denied human rights of producing more, never mind the fact that the prevention of births have helped in much more than the “carbon footprint” shit in the West. Well, damned if you do, damned if you don’t, we cannot care less. Don’t look for oil, China, this is a Western perogative. You deserve to be sub-human, with your despicable eastern lot, unless you grovel to us like the spineless Japanese. Your military spending is offensive, we do not tolerate anybody spending one tenth of our own budget. You must impose democracy on your people, even if you will dismember and collapse in the aftermath (shades of Soviet Union?) Its alright if in the course of imposing democracy, millions of Chinese’ livelihood and existence will be wiped out, after all, collateral damage is cheap, Chinese life don’t quite measure up to us in sympathy. China must be broken into several countries for us to subjugate. Your govt are thugs and goons, you support regimes that we abhor; why can’t you try to topple Vietnam, Afghanistan, Palestine, Iraq/n, Soviet Union, countries that we hate, like we did?

You must revalue and devalue your currency when we wish. We didn’t like it in 1997 that you stabilized Asia by keeping your Yuan cheap, why, we were just having fun trying to destroy the economies of Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia, Phillipines, Malaysia and Hong Kong. These guys did not keep their banking systems prudent, they lent voracoiusly to sub prime customers, so when our funds ambushed them, it was a lesson that they deserved. We do not appreciate that you keep your savings in US treasuries, you must now devalue and suffer losses; this the consequence of playing the global game with us! And don’t tell us what to do with our banks, we tell you what to do, period.

You deserve to be earth quaked, in the west, we won’t have such disasters in future so you can’t gloat at us, ever. Our societies are pristine, in fifty years’ time, Islam will be the dominant religion in Europe anyway, and we will all run to northern Canada and Iceland, that is why we do not criticize them; besides, they talk nback. You Chinese on the otherhand, are too docile and easily bullied to threaten us.

29 05 2008

There too many holes in your essay! You have a good few points about hypocrisy and the world economy political game BUT when you react to issues with too much personal emotion behind, your argument becomes futile. It’s emotionally linked, it’s not objective AT ALL.

The Chinese need to chill, you’ve been a great nation in the past culturally and economically BUT you’ve recently knocked down HALF of your cultural buildings to create ugly impersonal buildings! You’re such in a hurry to overtake or BE the U.S.A, that you’ve culturally lost who you were?

You did the whole ‘one child’ per family thing not because you were thinking of human rights or wrong-or even globalisation, it was because your country was stuck on culture that reproduced too much either in search of a son or because of a need for a large family due to poverty.

The fact is the Chinese are one of the most insular nations in the world.


Just admit who you are and stop whining and crying when you’re appalling human right records are brought to the surface..!

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