29 05 2008

All hail the NMB! The New Musical Brat: Duffy.

Ok, you may not have heard from her outside of England but I’m sure the hype will overspill soon across the pond. Duffy is an overrated pop star that has a pretty good but bland voice that is being touted as the new ‘Amy Winehouse’.


Basically she’s like a musical version of Barbie-no substance, created purely to impress the mass and to hang on to the Amy Winehouse musical band wagon.

Her songs are okay

Her face is okay

And her attitude is okay

It’s all just so contrived it’s embarrassing.


She told The Sun, that when she will be playing at Glastonbury that the organizers…”They have booked a posh hotel for me. But out of principle, I’m only going to go there to wash my lady bits.”

Isn’t she blunt!! Oh isn’t she controversial?? Aint she down to earth boys??!!

Piss Off.




One response

2 07 2008
bullshit detector

It’s funny how all you dimshits come up with the same lame old jokes.

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