29 05 2008

Oh my GOD. This Elle issue is SOOOOOOOO annoying!? Urgh! She is such a DICK!

    Sienna Miller

“Keira has this amazing wooden table that everyone just carves anything they like into, from their names to pictures,’ she says. ‘It’s totally vandalised and completely amazing. She’s also a great cook. I did annoy her last time, though, by going home fairly early. Out came all the guitars and I stood up to leave. She was like, “But Sienna, you’re the party girl. You can’t leave.””


There’s more guys!!!


“Surely all this happiness and glowiness has less to do with fake tan and more to do with a certain tall, tousled-blond actor – the very same Mr Ifans waiting downstairs. Sienna beams, then covers her face with her hands. ‘When his name is mentioned, it makes me smile like a fool because I instantly think of him and it makes me happy. He does just make me happy.’”

YUCK. She’s soooooo full of SHIT!

“‘I hated that whole “boho” tag. I was known either for being Jude’s girlfriend or wearing my mum’s old skirts. I rebelled by cutting off my hair and wearing freaky clothes for a while. I think people see me much more for myself now. I like to think that people see me as an actress.’”

Jeez, she’s self important.


“There is little angst from Sienna. Friends describe her as ‘permanently sunny’, and it’s a fair description. When she was six, her parents split (her mother, Jo, was David Bowie’s secretary and ran the Lee Strasberg acting school in London; her father, Ed, a banker-turned-art dealer, later married and divorced interior-design guru Kelly Hoppen) and she was sent to boarding school with her elder sister, Savannah. Far from being traumatised, she describes her childhood as ‘wonderful’. Her ‘best friends in the world (bar Rhys)’ include her mother, her sister (who is partner in her fashion line Twenty8Twelve) and her best friend from school and PR, Tori Cook.”

No comment.






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