FAKE or REAL NEWS: Lindsay Lohan to get MARRIED!

29 05 2008

Ronson & Lohan

The Ronson’s and the Lohan’s are hanging out, maaaaan. Allegedly Lindsay is getting married to Ronson, according to our beloved the Daily Star.

Hmmm, who do you believe eh folks?

“The Mean Girls actress has told friends she’s happier with a woman and wants to arrange a partnership ceremony at Dollywood, Dolly Parton’s theme park, in July – around the same time as her 22nd birthday – though she still doesn’t have any sponsorship for the bash. Friends say that Lindsay has been referring to herself as Lindsay Ronson.”

As far as I know/read; Ronson & Lohan have being friends with benefits for a long, long, time but what’s the deal with going out of your WAY to parade it?

YAH, I know publicity and all that….

Heck, it pays to be a woman sometime. You can become a lesbian and it’s ALL good…but if you were a guy….? HA! That’s one thing women have going for themselves but pity that it’s seen in a homoerotic way to turn….men on.





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