24 05 2008

Pretty face: tick
Pretty skin: tick
Pretty clothes: tick
Good Cause: tick

    Alicia Keys @ some Innovation meeting

Equals: Little Miss Perfect

Look, I don’t mind Alicia Keys and I heart the fact that she’s doing this Innovation thing for young Black kids in the hood-at least she does cares!

But she leaves me ‘myeah’. I think it’s cause I HATE mediocre music and that’s what she produces. I HATE mediocre very pretty people and that’s what she is.

You know?





2 responses

24 05 2008

Young black kids in the hood? That’s the silliest thing I’ve heard in a while. Nobody cares what you like from this point on.

24 05 2008

Oh come on! It’s meant in jest. Y’know like the whole piece?? Look at my blog and you’ll see I NEVER use the word ‘hood’ AT ALL.

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