OTT CANNES: No, No, No…..

23 05 2008

Petra & Georgina Chapman

No one really cares about these two-Petra Nemcova and Georgina Chapman (Weinstein’s beard) but I do. They are SUCH working girls, no?

Look @ Georgina’s face? She claims she is in her early thirties but why the old face? Too much sex or bad plastic surgery? She DEF has bad genes!

Also, I can’t seem to find any background info on her. It’s like she existed when she created Marchesa and went out with Weinstein and then that’s it. I swear! I’ve tried! But I won’t give up…

And Petra-dear Petra. She was caught up in the Tsunami-was a bit part model that due to the fact that she nearly died has NOW become some ‘Top Model’ and spokesperson on modeling. I’m all for cashing in on your opportunities and although these two have done it in a very different way-although modeling is whoring and whoring is modeling, I can’t help but admire begrudgingly their tenacity and professional outlook.


Anyway, about the outfits….not feeling it. I’ve seen that Marchesa dress before….but I prefer it to Petra’s….




3 responses

12 07 2008
Mr P

If you had done any research at all, you would have found a huge working history for Georgina, but due to your ‘fine’ example of grammar you obviously haven’t figured out how to read yet so that’s understandable. If you were 1% as talented as her you would at least have a shot at life, but alas, judging from you’re little piece, you are destined for a life writing about people you will never have the privilege to meet, as they’ll be to busy trying to scrape you off their shoe.

Good luck with your little life.

12 07 2008

Oh dear you are a silly billy. Now why would I care about grammar or spelling mistakes when I’m not getting paid for this! And if you read the site you’d realize the bad spelling is done sort of on purpose, y’know?

But back to the juice of it all. You’re awfully touchy…..she you’re mate? Send us a link of her biog mate!! Seriously….I’m fascinated…

13 07 2008

By the way Mr P, when you wrote “judging from you’re little piece”, the “you’re” in that sentence should have been spelt “YOUR” not “YOU’RE”. An apostrophe is only used to replace a letter or if it’s possessive. Can you understand that? Also in your sentence “…as they’ll be to busy trying to scrape you off their shoe”, the first “to” in the sentence should have been spelt with an extra “o”, i.e. “too”.

So you’ve ingeniously concluded that Rantersparadise isn’t “1% as talented as Georgina”, based on his/her ‘fine’ example of grammar… So what does that make you, since you can’t spell?

Oh, the irony.

P.S. Sycophancy’s a really positive quality in a person. You’ll go far in life with that. Good luck.

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