CRAZY: Sciencetologists unable to put 16 year old boy in jail.

23 05 2008

Oh dear. The Sciencetologists aren’t doing themselves any favors with this shit.

“The unnamed 16-year-old was handed a court summons by City of London police for refusing to put down a placard saying “Scientology is not a religion, it is a dangerous cult” during a peaceful protest outside the church’s headquarters near St Paul’s Cathedral earlier this month.”

“The teenager’s mother said the decision was “a victory for free speech”. “We’re all incredibly proud of him. We advised him to take the placard down when we realised what was happening but he said ‘No, it’s my opinion and I have a right to express it’,” she said.

Human rights activists were outraged when news of the police action against the teenager broke earlier this week. A simultaneous demonstration on May 10 outside a Scientology office in London’s West End featured protesters waving similar placards but the Metropolitan police did not confiscate them or issue any summonses.

Two years ago, the City of London police attracted criticism when it emerged more than 20 officers, ranging from constable to chief superintendent, had accepted gifts worth thousands of pounds from the Church of Scientology.

The City of London chief superintendent, Kevin Hurley, praised Scientology for “raising the spiritual wealth of society” during the opening of its headquarters in 2006. Last year, a video praising Scientology emerged featuring Ken Stewart, another of the City of London’s chief superintendents, although he is not a member of the group.

Scientology was founded by the science fiction writer L Ron Hubbard in 1952 and espouses the idea that humans are descended from an exiled race of aliens called Thetans. The church continues to attract controversy over claims that it separates members from their families and indoctrinates followers.”

Go teenage boy.

Fuck Scientologists are so scary!!?

Via Guardian



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