CORRUPTION RULEZ 4 EVAH: Israel PM getting questioned…..AGAIN…

23 05 2008

Oh, Lordy Lordy…..

“The prime minister of Israel, Ehud Olmert, was interrogated Friday morning by police for the second time this month in connection with a new and potentially serious corruption scandal

“Olmert is suspected of receiving the contributions over a long period, from 1993, when he was elected mayor of Jerusalem, up until 2005, while he was serving in the government as minister of industry and trade. Olmert took over as prime minister in January 2006.

The district court ruling on Friday was a second setback for Olmert’s attorneys. Last week, the High Court rejected their appeal to prevent the early deposition of Talansky altogether on grounds that it would prejudice the case.

“The prime minister’s trial opens on the day that Talansky is scheduled to testify in court,” Eli Zohar, one of Olmert’s attorneys, told the High Court. “This creates a situation that would almost obligate the prosecution to indict the prime minister.”

After the High Court rejection, Olmert’s attorneys tried to delay the deposition, originally set for Sunday, by two weeks, arguing that they did not have time to prepare adequately for a cross-examination. The district court gave them a reprieve of two days.”

Corruption? Israel? Politics? Governments?

Say it ain’t so!

News via HERALD




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