22 05 2008


Nothing like good ol self hating and hypocrisy from the ethnic minorities huh!!

“When assessing the relationship between Blacks and Jews, one need not resort to vicious name-calling or opprobrious epithets. One need only to present the facts. World Jewry apologizes to no one when they cite historical precedent as a guide for their future relationships with any people. The historical record is clearer than the muddled pronouncements of a reactionary and controlled media. None of the critics of The Secret Relationship have been able to re-write the history showing a history of “friendship” between Blacks and Jews. They are forced to succumb to the tragic reality that nearly every one of their colonial fathers had a Hitler-like hate of Black people and participated in the robbing of their humanity. Those who have felt that there was some “special” relationship which carried with it a “special” right to criticize and control Black leadership can no longer make such a claim.”


I found that above quote from this Jewish website, called, wait for it ‘blackandjews‘ that “doesn’t apologies for it’s facts”.

Okay. Right. Hmpf.

BUT the problemo here is that Obama is having issues getting the Jew vote in Florida. When will this end??

Alex Balk from Radar gives his two cents which is funnier then The NY Times piece or Washington post-so I’d thought I’d quote from here instead!?

“Jews, of course, are a vital constituency for the Democratic party, and Florida is a state which could very well decide the election depending on which way the Jews jump. Why don’t the Jews like Obama? Most Jews use the excuse that they don’t think he’s friendly enough to Israel, but one Jew says that her fellow Jews are lying: it’s all about race.

That thesis is borne out by quotes in the article expressing Jewish fear of blacks. Jew Jack Stern cites crimes in the old New York neighborhood where he used to own a bakery (that very well may have sold Jew pastries). “I got disgusted, because they killed Jews. I shouldn’t say it, but it is what it is,” he says jewily.”

Argghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh….there’s more!

“Jews are determined to assuage the fears of their fellow Hebrews. National Spokesman for The Jews Alan Dershowitz “said he had been deluged with questions from Jews about the race, especially about what to think of Obama. ‘I have gotten hundreds of e-mails asking me, ‘Who should we vote for?'” Dershowitz tells his Jewish interlocutors that all three candidates would be good for the Jews and that Jews shouldn’t believe any crazy stories their Jew friends tell them about Obama not liking Jews.

What’s a non-Jew to do? Get all his Jews together to convince wavering Jews. “Obama has lined up surrogates like State Representative Dan Gelber, the House minority leader, and [U.S. Rep. Robert] Wexler, both of whom are Jewish. [The Jew] Wexler said he would try to convert [Jewish] voters one mah-jongg [a card game popular with elderly Jews] table at a time, with [Jewish] town-hall meetings in the card rooms of high-rise condominiums [where Jews live] and articles in community newspapers [read by Jews].””





One response

8 06 2011

Elijah Muhammad (Blessings be upon Him) has demonstrated in his seminal work “The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews”, that the Satanic Jew is not only them enemy of Blacks but the enemy of all of Mankind. Obama is a house-nigger, the pawn of the Jews and no friend of the Black man.

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