NAOMI CAMPBELL: ‘I like my men creepy, dodgy and obscene’

22 05 2008

The world shakes in disbelief as Naomi is seen on the arms of another unsavory fellow. It appears the model who is insane, finds it impossible to date anyone of reputable standing.

    Naomi Campbell in Cannes!

Like attracts like as they say but what is so shocking about this blatant behavior by Miss Campbell is that a little over a week ago, she was accusing the press of misrepresentation. We’d also like to add that after a recent visit to Downey Street-is it such a good idea that Miss Campbell should be seen hanging off the arm of a convicted fraudster?

More so, what does it say about our society today that we are allowing Campbell to continue and spin her world of make believe that centers around her? We can only hope but lets pray that the media finally stops giving this infamous bitch the recognition she doesn’t deserve AT ALL.

Naomi\'s new man!!

“French-born imposter, 41, conned affluent investors out of hundred of thousands of pounds by using various aliases, even claiming he was a Gallic relative of the American society family Rockefeller.

Christophe claims he made 1million French francs in his youth through his various personas.”





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