22 05 2008

It helps that her sister is uber cool songtress and music rebel M.I.A, so Kali Arulpragasam no doubt has had a much easier road to gain attention for her shit BUT that don’t mean it ain’t good. Cause it is. They may be hipster celebres but at least they have talent. And they like to RANT!!

Kali Arulpragasam

This is pretty cool. They’ve designed at least 8 to 10 different countries and it’s pretty bold-simplistic but at the same time striking. It’s striking cause it’s so obvious and in your face. I did some stuff like this actually….and I’m getting really into fashion by countries-instead of one boring uniform of fucking skinny jeans and a faux punk shirt!

Kali 1

“That the 33-year-old designer is so politically conscious should come as no surprise: She’s the big sister of punk-hop style icon M.I.A. World issues run in the family. “We represented nine countries in total,” she says. “The most difficult part of it was researching elements to include that reflected positively on those countries. You always read about the wars. I wanted to create unexpected awareness of their beauty.””

There’s something really contrived about the jewelery design but hey, if it’s cool to be an immigrant, surely that can’t be a bad thing??

Her shop is based in to cool for school Notting Hill boys and girls!





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