Have A Break, Have A Zimbabwean: Zimbabwe refugees KILLED in South Africa

19 05 2008

Oh dear. This ain’t so hot huh? Why is it that the poor always suddenly find the energy to pick on the poorer?

Mbeki & Mugabe


“”We’re not talking about xenophobia, we’re talking about criminality,” said Govindsamy Mariemuthoo, adding that police reservists and officers from other regions had been called in.”

Really? Yeah right.

“Dozens more people have been hospitalised with bullet and stab wounds. Around 3,000 people have been burned out of their homes and left destitute.

Police fired rubber bullets today to disperse mobs, while men carrying clubs and sticks gathered near one shanty settlement inhabited mainly by foreigners in an apparent attempt to stop them returning. The Red Cross said more immigrants’ shacks were set alight.

The attacks escalated sharply over the weekend. Hundreds of people are sheltering at churches and police stations. Mobs set up burning barricades in some suburbs, while the violence spread to parts of Johannesburg’s central business area, with streets shut off by makeshift barricades and shops looted.”

Oh dear.

Via Guardian




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