TV: Do you like Daisy Lowe or Peaches Geldof?? Why do they have a TV show?

17 05 2008

Do you know? Do you care anymore? Did you even care?

    Daisy Lowe RULEZ! Peaches Geldof RULEZ!


These two overrated bratz have been given a TV show on Sky, yeah, this is late I know but are you watching it? Is anybody? Why can’t the THICKO’S on TV realize that these people are NOT liked!!!


Oh and the hate that comes off from watching these two no talentless go-to bi-atchez!!

Laaaan-daaaan daaaaaahling!!





6 responses

19 05 2008

they will never stop their crap – these bratz are taking over and the media in england/us is letting them….aaaaaagh

17 08 2008

are you from england? how do you know they are hated here?

17 08 2008

Yep, I’m from good ol Blighty-live right near London in that pretty county called Kent..

1 09 2008

You don’t know what everyone thinks, I personally love Peaches and Daisy, Daisy especially (:

If you watched Class of 2008 (a documentary about various young people) you would know that Daisy Lowe is actually really nice and down to earth.

If you have watched it and still think she is a brat, then fair enough, it is your opinion, but you need to realise that there are other people that DO like them, and that’s why they’ve been given a show.

2 09 2008

Yes I did-well a bit. I thought she was boring and predictable-nothing extra-ordinary which call me old fashioned, I think is what you need to be on TV or be a star.

Lemme guess-you HAVE to be in your early twenties or a teen?? Theres no way any self respecting kid of the early eighties would think those girls are anything but boring, dull and with little to NO talent.

Come on!??

Why can’t we aim for the best in Blighty?? We’re so bloody average.

29 04 2010

I like Daisy Lowe – she seems very sweet and down to earth, and she’s very pretty with a nice retro/70’s vibe about her but Peaches Geldof is detestable, I hate her with a passion, she’s thick and thinks we should all give a damn about ehr pathetic dramas. I’m sick of seeing her droopy eyes,, slack gobbed, Bob-Geldof-in-a-bad-wig ugliness all over the bloody papers!

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