8 05 2008

And with an astonishing 100% of all the votes, Fritzl wins our coveted ‘Father Of The Year’ award! An impressive landslide, it looks like this man was going to be unbeatable!! WOWZER!! Read inside what Fritzl had to say bout his unique parenting skills, life with his second family in the dungeon, why he had to enslave his daughter and his thoughts on love! Whadda guy!

Here’s a beauty from The Daily Mail article;

“Fritzl went on: “I was delighted about the children. It was great for me to have a second proper family in the cellar, with a wife, and a few children.””


This guys a real sweetie isn’t he? Poor fucking bitch. This guy is MENTAL-there are no more words to explain it…..sad….

“Despite claims from neighbours that he was a brutal tyrant at home he tells his lawyer: “I always put a lot of value on good behaviour and respect, I admit that. The reason for this is that I belong to an old school of thinking that just is not exist today.

“Yet despite that I am not the monster that I am portrayed as in the media.”

Asked how he would describe someone who kidnapped his own daughter, locked her up for 24 years and sexually abuse the girl, he replies: “On the face of it, probably as a monster.”

But Fritzl insists he did not have sex with Elisabeth until she had passed puberty. He says: “I am not a man that has sex with little children. I only had sex with her later, much later. It was when she was in the cellar by then, when she had been in the cellar for a long time.

Asked if much planning had gone into the crime he said: “Two, three years beforehand, that is true. I guess it must have been around 1981 or 1982 when I began to build a room in my cellar as the cell for her.

“I got a really heavy concrete and steel door, that worked with an electric motor and a remote control that I used to get into the cellar.

“It needed a number code to open and close. I then plastered the walls, added something to wash in and a small toilet, a bed and a cooking ring, as well as the fridge, electricity and lights.

“Perhaps some people did notice what I was doing, but they really did not care, why should they? The cellar of my house at the end of the day is my house, it belongs to me, it is my kingdom only I can enter.

Fritzl tells how he decided to imprison Elisabeth after she started “hanging out at bars” and stopped “doing what she was told”.

He says: “I tried to rescue her from the swamp and I organised her a trainee job as a waitress, but sometimes there were days when she would not go to work.

“She even ran away twice and hung around with persons of questionable moral standards, who were certainly not a good influence on her.

“I always had to bring a home, but she always ran away again. That is why I had to arrange a place where I gave her the chance – by force – to keep away from the bad influences of the outside world.”

On the August 28, 1984, he locked her in the cellar dungeon. Her martyrdom, her indescribable pain and suffering, humiliation and degradation, would last 8,516 days.

Fritzl denies handcuffing his daughter and keeping her on a lead in the early days of her incarceration.

“That was not necessary, my daughter had no chance to get away anyway,” he says.”

Fuck. He actually believes the shit he says….there’s more of this interview HERE.




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