SUPERMODELS DO MET BALL: Who rocked it the best ya’ll?

7 05 2008

If like me you were OBSESSED with the supermodels back in the day or just fashion for that matter-I bet you too were excited to see how good they’d look of course? Or not?! One things for sure-they look TIRED!

    Christy Turlington

Christy ‘Christy’ Turlington

She was always the most beautiful model back in the days and my god, isn’t she still? I hate to say it but she looks ‘effortless’..


Amber Valletta
Amber and Shalom’s middle names were ‘Heroin’ back in those heady days-not in the opposite to Hero though. Amber’s now shining bright-ish on the acting front but that face is forever haggard. At least her outfit fit the brief?


    Claudia Schiffer

Robotic German Supermodel, put the super in the model due to her muse status with the European designers who were clearly on too much Moroccan opium! I do LOVE Valentino but he looks BEAT. Her? That face looks ugly piggy and her outfit would’ve looked better on someone else-Gisele?


Jack White & Karen Elson
Karen looks like she always does. Her hair looks hot-the color is dreamy. I think he looks better then her. The dress is, myeah.


    Tommy Hilfiger & Dee Occleppo</a

I’m English-who is she?? Aaaanyway! How MENTAL does Tommy Hilfiger look?? WTF is he smoking nowadays huh? He looks a state and she looks bland & predictable.


Helena Christensen
Oh Helena. You went out with Michael Hutchence for a while-then we found out he was a smack head and then you were on your way to see Heath and we find out that he too, like los drogues….chica no good, si? Bella, you ain’t so pretty now and look like you need another jab to keep you awake. The outfit is decadent and glorious-you were always stylish…but the face is WEATHERED!


I’ve done some other models @ my other site already, so didn’t want to re-post photo’s already seen…check here….fashionfascista




2 responses

7 05 2008


7 05 2008

You hurt my fragile feelings!
I can only HATE cause I used to LOVE.

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