SHIT BRITAIN: The US get The Daytime Emmy’s and we get The British Soap Awards…

7 05 2008

Want glamour?
Want style?
Want charisma?
Want Beauty?
Want that X-factor?
Want talent?

Then best skip this post then. Tiddy-loo!

    What\'s her face from Eastenders??!


Her bloody names escaped me?! I WATCH Eastenders EVERY fucking day?! Arghhh! Classy isn’t she??


‘Like you’ve shagged more men then you’ve had hot dinners, can give the perfect blow-job,have charged-cheaply for sex and you’d fuck you’re mates Dad…with your Dad’

Hollyoaks girl!

Er, another Hollyoaks girl...

Hollyoaks AGAIN

Hollyoaks?? I don\'t recognise her from Enders or Corrie?


Hmmm, they all seem to be in Hollyoaks-what a coincidence huh?

DIRTY stop-outs!! Heh! Now I feel all dirty! I want a shag!!???




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