MELTING FACES vs MELTING EARS!!: Kylies face and Kylies music…

7 05 2008

Who would pay to go here her whine and shrine all over the shop? And what does she look like? Her face is melting!!?
Kylie in Paris

Kylie has started her new tour-YAWN-in gay Paris and will unfortunately be continuing her overrated onslaught into the rest of Europe. I hate to say it but the Americans have it right! Bitch can’t SING!

And god can’t she stay away from the knife?? Kylie, you were a pretty face…why u no want to age gracefully?

Tut Tut



2 responses

7 05 2008

I would never pay to see this woman live. Her ‘live’ voice is so annoying, but my biggest peeve is the fact she can’t/won’t dance. Her trademark (and only) move is the robot arm. She turns to her side and lifts her arm up and down like a ‘karate chop’ motion while singing. She’s like the new Cher. She does nothing while all the gay dancers do the work and all she does is put on tacky outfits.

7 05 2008

Oh Cher could sing though!? At least…

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