MEDIA BITES: Sex In The City exclusive review!

7 05 2008

Do you care?

Polly Hudson from The Mirror is apparantly the first person to see it in the UK. Hum. I love me some Polly but we don’t always agree on our choices on TV but she makes me laugh and she’s game-so take her word for it?

Not sure, gonna wait till it’s out on video!

She says “Nutshell first: The film is good! Yay! The first review from New York gushes: “Just like any great night out with best friends, Sex and the City: The Movie is awash with so much love that it lingers long after the last cocktail runs dry.”

Phew. I was worried a mediocre movie would sully the memory of The Best Television Series That Has Ever Happened.

I was against this film but as more time passed I began to miss Carrie and Co sooooo much, I realised that just seeing them again would probably be enough. Even if all they did was sleep for 90 minutes.

Luckily they do loads more than that – for a whole two and a half hours.”

Review HERE!!




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