6 05 2008


Dita with a tan!

An always radiant if always predictable Dita Von Tesse shocks the crowd with an all over golden tan! She says ‘I really wanted to try something different. I wanted to be a little unpredictable.’


Just like her show, Gossip Girl, Blake Lively likes to show her sassy and wild style in this delicious couture gown!

Me: Doctor, how do I look and feel good? Doctor: Get a hit show girl!


Christina R

Christina Ricci shocked onlookers with her emaciated frame in this daring ensemble of cutting edge pinks with a Kentucky Fried Chicken bag holder!

You’re never too thin to die! We love the irony Chrissie!

Naomi Watts flies in!!

Naomi Watts was one of the only superstars who took the superhero brief seriously and it shows! She dazzles, cackles and pops in this demure but avant-garde 70’s white throwback silk dress. Forever the no 2 and never the no 1; Watts shows time and time again that you don’t have to be noticed but she will be there.


The whole place came to a standstill when the heavyweights who part chaired this incredible organization, made their way with intense grace and understandable self importance, to the red carpet. It seems that George Clooneys cut-out-working-girl was still there looking subdued and cheap in a cheap and subdued dress. Julia Roberts as usual-stood out like a giant at the grand height of 5ft 5 inches.


This couple need no introductions and don’t they know it. Grand love.




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