WTF STYLE?? Ashley Olsen & Gwyneth Paltrow on worst dressed list!?

5 05 2008

Whadda ya tink?

Ashelee Simpson Sky Showbic Newz

What is wrong with this outfit? I’D wear it?!

Sky magazine showbiz has this thing that they do were they comment about the worst, best dressed and the rest. Now, I’m bored, so I thought I’d do this. I have other posts to post but they’re quite based on making at least a bit of sense…

Gossip news doesn’t…soooo

Here’s Gwynnie…this dress is brilliant BUT she just looks crap cause it doesn’t suit her and she looks like a fish out of water-awkward…

She’s very much de-sexualized the outfit actually-on Scarlett Jo, shit would look HOTT!

Gwyneth not hitting the right spots..

She may look crap but why blame the dress?

And Ashley again…..I’m sorry but she looks really good-she’s mix and matched in a cutting edge thrift shop way but doesn’t look like she’s trying as damn hard as her sister! No OTT gestures-just looking how the clothes fit and wear themselves together….no?




One response

6 05 2008

I d wear it and I dont shave my legs

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