ROYAL FAMILY SPECIAL: Prince Harry gets a medal!??!! Whaaaaaaaaaat??

5 05 2008

The Daily Bollocks

Rantersparadise latest installment-The Daily Bollocks!!

I created this in reaction to the absurd news Prince (Hazza!) being awarded a medal for not that much-(if any?)work in Afghanistan when he had all those camera’s ‘accidentally’ around him.


“Prince Harry and his comrades who served in Afghanistan this winter today received their campaign medals and paraded through the streets of Windsor.

The young officer smiled broadly and went red as Princess Anne pinned the medal to his chest and chatted briefly with him, as she made the presentations in her capacity as Colonel of the Blues and Royals, the section of the Household Cavalry of which Harry is a member.

His father and brother, Prince Charles and Prince William, and his girlfriend Chelsy Davy were in the audience at Combermere Barracks to watch the ceremony.”


Erm, I’ll think of summit folks -there’s plenty of media bullshit around da place…




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