“ONE in SIX girls in Austria sexually abused at home”

5 05 2008

You’d have to be living under a rock to have not heard about the Austrian case of that poor woman who was systematically raped by her own Dad from the age of 11 and THEN kept hostage in a dungeon that “she helped built”, underneath her house from the age of 18.

I’ve purposefully ignored this story because of the sensationalism surrounding it and that it is what it is, as well as fact it’s deeply unpleasant. But I’m mentioning it now because I think this story they are peddling about how one in six girls in Austria at home, is ‘out of order’.


Not because I don’t think it’s true-heck, I’m sure it’s more! But I’m raising the issue that I genuinely don’t think this issue is left to Austria alone. I think this is everywhere but cultures deal with sex and puberty in a different manner. Different issues regarding women and sexuality shock different cultures in different ways.

Another point is the fact that this article only mentions girls-now I find this interesting because are they saying girls are easier to target? Easier to sexually abuse? That fathers abuse more then Mothers? It seems so from what we are told by ‘experts’ and by the media. It tends to be dear Daddy who wants to get his leg up and lovely old Ma seems to be the one that turns a blind eye or supports the decision-like vying for her husbands attention with that of her won daughter.

One think we know is that men & women are treated differently in society. It seems a lot more socially acceptable to hear of a young boy engaging in sexual relations with each other at a very young age-then say young girls. Young girls are pure, young boys are naughty.

Also, young men don’t tend to come forward when it happens-and it does, it’s seen as a taboo and because they were aroused, they seem to take the blame for it happening.

To me I personally feel offended, listening to the media only with a pinch of salt because lets be fucking blunt here ladies & gents. We live in a sexualized nation. From our obsession with school girls to the beauty obsession with maintaining youth-we celebrate youth as it’s the frigging second coming! So why is it ok-ay for the media/fashion/advertising to peddle this idea 24/7 but when something like this happens, we throw our hands up in shock not knowing how on can harbor such feelings for a ‘young girl’.

The double standards that exist within our society is diabolical and destructive. The more we continue to play blind eye joe with one issue but then react like hunger crazed hyenas the next, the further we will ever get to understanding the human sexual psyche.

News via The Times




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