MEDIA BITES: Johann Hari CARES! Da BNP need da LOVE!

5 05 2008

“Yet there is a big difference between the party and its voters. It would be easy to say the BNP vote represents simply the remaining rancid scraps of racism – but it’s not true. I spent last Thursday canvassing the vast concrete estates of East London, where I live, and I spoke to half-a-dozen openly pro-BNP voters.

British National Party

They were not straightforwardly bigoted: one single mum said she would vote BNP “if my kids weren’t mixed race.” Instead, they were angry and alienated, and the BNP seemed to them to be the sharpest needle to jab into the eye of the political process; as one fifty-something white woman said, “I just want to tell politicians to fuck off.”” -Johann Hari, The Independent Newspaper

What is Hari up to now? I love and hate Hari from The Indie paper, he either makes me exclaim in joy at his balls or just get pissed off at his book-smart ‘yoof’ way of life.

But what the heck-he’s a good deal for the paper as he seems to be the only one that has the front to push the boundaries or stop droning on about unrealistic idealism.

So Hari has gone to investigate the plight and woes of the BNP. Nothing new and been done so many times before, so I’d understand why you wouldn’t find this news worthy or of interest? But like most of Hari’s work-it’s never ultimately about the content but about the way h approaches the subjects manifesting an engaging story out of something so mundane and ‘everyday’.

Ignore his sanctimonious slant and if this is news for you; Hari is giving you a brilliant opening into the somewhat in denial complexed minds of the angry, white and very working class in the Island that never was.

P.s How many bets that these bastards are all from Jewish origins from yearsss ago? I’ll bet you now-the self hate of some Jews knows no boundaries…it’s fucking East London for chrissake!

“But we also need to address the biggest worries of BNP voters. Most of them are anxious about immigration not because they don’t want different-looking people walking the streets, but because they feel it damages them, in three distinct ways: through housing, wages, and the unequal provision of public services.

Of course we have to start by debunking the Littlejohnian lies. No, asylum seekers are not “hosed down” with benefits: a single asylum seeker struggles by on forty-four quid a week. No, they are not put ahead of you in housing queues: some 90 percent of people in council houses were born in Britain, and only 5 percent each year go to recent arrivals. No, they don’t commit more crime: the Association of Chief Police Officers says so. But not all their concerns are based on myths pumped out by bigots; many are real, and legitimate.”

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