LOATHSOME PERSON OF THE WEEK: Reese ‘Miss Type A’ Witherspoon

5 05 2008
    JustJared Reese images!?


Hey folks, I’ve started a new thing on this site! ‘Loathsome person of the week’!

Why? Cause Reese Witherspoon inspired me to do this, so isn’t apt that she is the first person that I choose?

My hatred for this woman knows no boundaries. I dislike everything about her ‘existence’. I think what you will find in these series is that all the people who I chose will be ‘TYPE A’ woman and some martyrdom obsessed men. I HATE Type A’s!

Ha! I’m not one-no shit!

I despise anyone who lives their lives but how they are perceived in the eyes of society and Reese W is that person. Miss ‘fucking‘ perfect. No visible soul, just a stream of contrived and regurgitated ‘right on’ opinions and mass friendly film roles to be your number one stepford actress.

Miss fucking perfect played it to the nines when she wanted to win that Oscar for her overrated role in that Johnny Cash movie-out with her kids and her husband who blatantly loathed her-they got divorced months later!

People like Witherspoon always fuck up but they’d never show it publicly, as why would they when they LIVE to laud their personal lives above you?

I may HATE Amy Wino but at least she’s human…just….

Point is, I LOATHE Witherspoon and in affect, now hate Jakey G.

Image from Justjared




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