OVERRATED: D-D-Daisy Lowe. Who? I know..

4 05 2008

This is too good to be true. I’ve been wanting to do this about her but she isn’t that interesting or engaging, so I keep putting off BUT then of course, The Indie-that jumps on the bandwagon like 20 million years too late, has done a piece about her! Heralding her as some kid of fucking icon!

Do you love it? Or do you love it?

    Agy Deyn & Daisey LOWE!

I know! I know!

How did I get a picture of the two most overrated people on British soil!??

“Daisy Lowe belongs to a very modern breed of London It-girl. It’s a role you have to be born into. While their predecessors were the daughters of aristocrats – the Tara Palmer-Tompkinsons and Lady Victoria Herveys, whose pedigree was determined by how many acres their family owned in Gloucestershire and how closely related they were to the Queen – these days, it’s more a question of rock’n’roll royalty than blue-blooded veins.

A quick inspection of the surnames of the current crop of girls-about-town is telling. From Peaches Geldof to Lizzie Jagger, Leah Wood to Kelly Osbourne, the latest generation to grace the gossip pages are more likely to have spent their early years on a tour bus with their rock-star parents than competing at pony-club gymkhanas.

Although Lowe’s name may lack the instant wow factor of her starry peers, the 19-year-old model’s genetic make-up has secured her place in the rock firmament. The eldest daughter of Pearl Lowe, the fashion designer and former singer with Britpop band Powder, and step-daughter of Supergrass drummer Danny Goffey, her indie Primrose Hill upbringing alone would have been enough to ensure vicarious celebrity status later in life.”

Dudes, this is a fucking shit and futile interview/feature! The Independent when they try and be hip; it’s like your embarrassing aunt or uncle who never got married at your wedding-awkward.

I’m just making fun of the above quotation. What a joke. It girl? Uh huh.





4 responses

4 05 2008

She’s kind of overrated, but I don’t think she’s anywhere near as hyped up Agyness D. is, at least in the U.S. Plus, I kinda dig her Doc Marten ads.

4 05 2008

Yeah Agy Deyn is a lot worse BUT they aren’t that tall, my mates seen both loads of times in Camden, and they are max 5,7…

27 06 2009

you jerk. theyre both friggen awesome.

15 11 2010

haha, I was searching to find out who she is and this post comes up in the first page on Google. I hope she has read this 🙂

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