BRATZ: Peaches, Peaches…..Peaches

4 05 2008

With a name like ‘Peaches’, a mum like Paula Yates and a ‘saintly’ dad like Bob Geldof who lives up his own arse-did these kidz ev-ah have a chance in hell?


I’m here chilling listening to Neil Young and this bloody news of Peaches allegedly buying £100 or so of drugs from this dude & girl, appears in the News Of The World…

Shall I be honest?

This isn’t news. Who isn’t doing drugs in London-or England for that matter??

But what the hell-anything to take the piss out of the Bratz!

OBVIOUS-FUCKING-LY, the NOTW story is so ridiculously dramatic, mentioning her mum and all sorts-which is just rubbish…but hey? What do you expect?

“The secret camera picks up the couple talking to the beauty, who is clutching £140 in her hand. Then Blagrove tells her the deal will cost her £190.

Peaches is seen agreeing to this—and then telling the couple she will need Valium the next day. It’s common practice for drug takers to use the tranquilliser to help them “come down” from a drugs binge.

The News of the World has discovered the Peaches footage was shot THE DAY BEFORE Blagrove filmed Winehouse smoking crack in a set-up at her home.

TRAGIC: Drugs killed mum Paula
Tormented Amy, 24, is seen taking hit after hit of the deadly drug after a 19-minute binge in which she snorted powdered ecstasy and cocaine.

Cops believe scruffy Londoner Blagrove and his girlfriend wanted to use the Peaches video in a different sting. A source said: “Someone had tried to delete the footage from the stick but officers were able to recover it.”

As well as the Peaches scenes they also uncovered another TWO HOURS of footage of Winehouse.

They then arrested Blagrove and Burton and found a long list of names and numbers of their alleged celebrity clients after searching the couple’s east London home.

The couple were bailed and are set to return to the police station for further questioning this month.
Police have already quizzed Winehouse in a two-hour interview in February over the video and grilled her about her connections with Blagrove.

Now detectives want to hear Peaches’ version of events.

A police source said: “She will be interviewed some time this week and asked to explain what is happening in the video and why she is handing money over to the couple.

“It is all part of a large investigation into alleged drugs dealing.”

The existence of the secret video will come as a shock to Peaches, who did not know she was being targeted by the cunning pair.

Despite her many claims to be clean-living, rumours have been rife that the party girl has indulged in drugs. Her mum Paula died from a heroin overdose in 2000 aged 40 after the suicide of her INXS star lover Michael Hutchence.

Peaches has often been likened to her tragic TV presenter mother in her prime—inheriting her sexy looks and outrageous fashion sense.”





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