3 05 2008

Fuck, I keep on wanting to call Boris Johnson, Boris bloody Yeltsin!? I think it’s a Freudian slip!? LOL!

David Cameron Private Eye

Boris Yeltsin!! DOH! Boris Johnson!!

But I’m not laughing-feeling pretty shitty about yesterday; it’s not so much out of surprised but out of utter frustration and disbelief; Livingstone you lazy drunk fuck and Brown you arrogant simpleton!

MEMO to Brit public:

To be poor & stupid-it’s lethal! They will be the death of us! The poor!

I was going to go through the areas were Labour lost-that used to be hardcore Labour supporters, like especially up north in England-the poorest area but I’m too pissed off to post it on my site.

I’m so angry I can’t even write! The number of working class poor Northern people that they were interviewed who voted for Cameron was fucking embarrassing! It’s like yeah mate mister fucking post man who barely earns more then a tenn-ah a fucking hour, you can just see Cameron man of the fucking people with his toff accent coming to chill out with you can’t you?

Stupid pricks.

It never fails to amaze me how lazy poor people can be. If I’m part of an underclass-that would make me pissed off-life is about EQUALITY not the bloody feudal system! I was NOT spoon fed my fucking education-I took initiative, looked around me, saw that life was full of SHIT and UNEQUAL and took my partying and rebellious arse to a bloody library to fucking read up about politics and society!

It beggars belief! For a good 2 years, even the stupid pompous right wing press have been making fun at Cameron’s LUDICROUS attempts to seem like man of the fucking people-wearing converse trainers, saying he liked Girls Aloud…ahhhhh…for chrissake he stole his whole shtick from TONY FUCKING BLAIR.



I guess noooooooooooooooooooot!


It’s like do you think The Conservatives really give a ‘tosh’ about the working man and woman? Do you think they’d ever want to be friends with you? I went to a very posh school-and believe that ain’t the fucking case-I was the ONLY one out of my friends who had mates from different classes and backgrounds. But whatever-if you’re old enough to vote your old enough to read and since our culture is so ruled by lack of self worth and aspirations to be Jordan or Kate Moss-well, what can you do but gag and try to kill yourself?

But then only you would lose out if you did. So fuck it. I want an open market. Each to their own. ONe for all and one for etc etc..

Oh well….lets welcome The Apocalypse!!

The Apocalypse



BORIS remembers his a Turk!!

Boris HATES niggaz!



2 responses

3 05 2008

Shame Paddick didn’t have more money to run a better campaign.

Ken’s an old goat and I’m glad to be rid of him, personally.

I’m quite amused by the working classes that vote for Cameron. I think if he gets into power it will be a great lesson for all of the stupid idiots that vote him in. It’s a shame that these same idiots that voted Boris ‘picaninnie’ Johnson in are making me pay the price too. Thank you twat faces.

3 05 2008

I know! Weird isn’t it! It was hard cause Ken was such a prick and Labour were just so goddamn lazy-they should’ve got rid of Livingstone..

And yeah, of course Paddick didn’t have the dosh to be able to even compete…and sometimes the libdems are too passive, passive…

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