HUH?: Oh yeah, Afghanistan is still going on and on and on….

3 05 2008

UZE still here Booooy!

“There are simply going to be more American forces than we’ve ever had there,” said the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity because he was discussing future military planning.”

Oh shit. DOH!

“The planning began in recent weeks, reflecting a growing resignation to the fact that NATO is unable or unwilling to contribute more troops despite public pledges of an intensified effort in Afghanistan from the presidents and prime ministers who attended an alliance summit meeting in Bucharest, Romania, last month.

The shortfalls in troop commitments have cast doubt on claims by President George W. Bush and his aides that NATO was stepping up to provide more help in Afghanistan, where the government of President Hamid Karzai faces a resurgent threat from the Taliban and remnants of Al Qaeda.

The increasing proportion of United States troops, from about half to about two-thirds of the foreign troops in Afghanistan, would be likely to result in what one senior administration official described as “the re-Americanization” of the war.”

Fun y’all!! You coming round for popcorn & peanut butt-ah sandwiches?? Courte-say of Bush!

Do y’all think they are allowed to listen to Britney or, erm, Jessica Simpson there? Huh? Uhh</em?

Sad smut.

News via IH




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