WTF?? This is all sorts of WRONG!!

2 05 2008

She looks like the living dead and he looks well, pretty content. I like it. He zaps all her energy and he seems to be getting stronger and happier.

    Ashlee Simpson & Pete Wentz

Ashleeee Simpson & Pete Wentzzz playing happy emo families in the UK. Their originality soo impressive-he just looks like a douche but I feel sorry for her-she’s so lost in translation. Just like her sister, they seem to get molded by who they are dating-going from one style to the next, which I just shrug and think what loosers.

But this image…just…..well…..Ash…




2 responses

3 05 2008

Ashleeee used to have black hair a few years go, so I, like, totally think she’s deep and a real emo.

3 05 2008

Yeah like TOTES man!! Roots rock grrrrrl!!

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