Steely Mother = Steely Wife

2 05 2008

Doesn’t Peter Phillips girlfriend look like such a bitch? Of course you’d have to be made of fucking steel to want to voluntarily part of that insane and incredibly cold family. Granted, she has it easy but she shouldn’t undermine the British press. I think she may even make the coldest aspirational android in the world, Kate Middleton, look sweet.

Peter Phillip & his bi-atch

She’s from Canada is made of money-so lets make some calculations here.

He is marrying her for the dosh and she for the prestige. It’s a tried, tested and incredibly popular arrangement chosen by the aristocrats, Jews, the famous and the rich for yonks-y monksy. The Royal Family have had to do this for a while as they don’t really have much money-relatively of course, but it’s been happening since the forever.

I wonder what her game is? Of course she has one! Look at those steely eyes! That cold posture! That sly and uncomfortable grimace on her face!

Anyways, The Mail are making a molehill out of that fact that she had to renounce her catholicism to marry him-like it’s such a frigging big deal?! Please she’s hardly related to a member of the Vatican and the last time it was such a big deal was in the 19th century!

She’s sacrificing F*ALL!




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