WHITE WEDDING: AGENT PROVOCATEUR bring Mosside back into town!

2 05 2008

Title White Wedding

She was kicked to the curb. And then she wasn’t. Now she’s back and she looks just like she does in all her photos-high on coke and wanting to have sex. Ah! It sells!

Kate Moss is one lucky bitch. Nick Knight is stuck so far up her butt that she’s made for life in the fashion world. You have to give her props-if she put her mind to it, she could probably run as Prime Minister!

I just watched as they asked some locals in the poor Northern town for Bury in Lancs, why they are now voting Conservative. The woman said in her Lancashire drawl ‘It’s coze eez dead charismatic like. Don’t care what eez sayin-g. Need a chaaa-ange.’

Fuck off.

As usual this vid is stylistically stunning.

Kate Moss is playing a ‘virgin‘ in this scene-in a nutshell the whole concept and premise of ‘White Wedding’ is that she descends into some kind of debauched madness-ha apt Moss!!

My only reservation is Kate Moss herself-she looks too sleazy. At one point it looks like she’s going to start fingering herself-we all know she’s a dirty stop out but I didn’t think it looked that good-just provocative for the sake of it, which is a pity as Joe Corre, wrote it and it sounded exciting.

    Mosside white wedding

As usual they try and keep the excitement by getting us to go back and forth to log on each night until the finale. I certainly won’t cause it ain’t all that. As a creative I’ve done similar fashion/film projects-which is why I do really love Nick Knight-we share a similar aesthetic.

But as usual the hype precedes itself but I think the only reason this is it’s cause they’ve used Kate Moss.

It’s tiring. And lazy on their part.





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