MEDIA BITES: Why do delegates keep on defecting to Obama-if he CAN’T win?

2 05 2008

Do these allegedly intelligent men not know that the US is racist? People are racist? Is this some sort of Kamikaze Democratic plan? Lets lose spectacularly? Well, The Daily Mail readers seem to think so…

Joe Andrew, the former Democratic chairman, who has defected called for the fellow superdelegates to follow his lead, warning that: “The tone and the temperature of the race is now hurting us.””

Er, YEP.

Hilary Clinton is so frigging loathsome isn’t she?

I love The Mail, it’s so no hold-barred that the comments are more often the not better then the actual article…

Lets dissect what they REALLY mean…


If Obama beats Hillary Clinton there will be another Republican president. Whatever is said publicly it is unlikely that America will elect a black president.
– M Wilkinson, London
I say: Church going conservative black folk are so goddamn primitive!

It does not matter how many delegate votes Obama receives. He will never stand a chance of winning the election in Nov 08 against Senator John McCain.
– El Lepero, Huelva, Spain
I say: Go back to were you came from! GIVE UP fool! You tried too hard above your station!

Obama, his big mouth, and that of his ‘pastor’, have become a liability.
– Kim, Hampshire UK
I say: Oi oi oi!! Shut it Bamz! Know your place black bo-oooy!!

Barak Hussein Obama is unelectable – I don’t care if the Pope supports him, he will not be the next President of the United States. Americans are just not ready for an African-American left-wing socialist!
– Michael, Naples, Florida USA
I say: A left-wing Socialist! Well I nev-ah! String dat nigg-ah up yaw!

Obama’s a loser the sooner he goes the better off the US will be.
– Skippy, England
I say: Heh-I like this one too…such a cutie eh Skippy? Can we like go out on-ah date yah?

Well, Obama is one day a socialist loony and the next day he’s too right wing-who is this man?






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