“English Roses Cat Deeley and Joss Stone”-The Daily Mail

2 05 2008

Is this all we allegedly get? Is this the best we can do? Come on! Yes you! The British press-I’m talking to you! I’m English, my mates are English and there soo much hotter then this…please gimme a break..

    Joss Stone & Cat Deeley rokcing it @ The Baftas in LA!

British ‘seasoned whores’; Joss Stone-looking like a pit stop truck whore who doesn’t look a day over 45, strikes a pose with perpetual grafter and woman with steely determination with the aura of a woman over the age of 60, Cat Deeley with that lovely red dress.

The two LA scenesterz hit the BAFTA LA awards. It’s nothing to write home about at all-there’s nothing much to say but that this is some kind of BAFTA shindig to, erm, create some kind of networking opportunities for BAFTA friendly British ex-pats.


Thing is-this gets so boring cause they never get anyone that really goes except for people BAFTA are so buddy, buddy with. And you’d think doing this event would actually make the BAFTA’s more interesting or more glamorous but it hasn’t at all. It’s still a shambles and so embarrassing.

The other guests were like that Scottish woman from Ugly Betty…and the blond one in the British Office who’s Dad is that Jasper Carrot bloke and……the ginger comedian guy who’s ‘making waves’ in Hollywood and who’s in that movie with Kirsten Dunst.

And that’s it. The end.




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