DOH! Royal Blackmailers sent to jail!!

2 05 2008

Surprise, so not fucking surprise!! Whitewash can I have your number please or are you to busy working with the all mighty great and unruly British Royal Family?!

Talk about anti-climax!

The Indie delivers the news in gusto but in this day and age-are we to buy this crap? You can be a rapist or murderer and STILL win an oscar or adopt kids! Pres tel-I wonder what one may be able to get up to if they were of bluest blood I say!?

“The court heard that Strachan was a “Walter Mitty” type fantasist who liked to claim he was a friend of royals and lived a champagne lifestyle. McGuigan, a recovering alcoholic, made contact with A’s representatives in July last year and was present as the tapes were played to an undercover officer posing as a royal aide, in a meeting shortly before both men were arrested.”




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