BLACK VOTERS: ‘We will stay home if Hilary Clinton gets the election’

2 05 2008

I can understand the pain-Hilary’s used and abused them for her own use. Just let McCain win and get this damn US election over with.

“Michelle Moore, an Indianapolis housewife, is less gentle: “Hillary Clinton would not even still be in the race if Obama was a white man,” she said.”

    19th century blacks in the US.

It may be irrational and short sighted but after their history, can you blame them? I mean the amount of white people who won’t vote for Obama-what history/excuse do they have?

I’ve highlighted some good points:

“”It’s like there’s a ceiling for us,” added Bangen Finley, an Indianapolis machinist.

Feelings are similar elsewhere. Former Rep. Floyd Flake, D-N.Y., an African Methodist Episcopal church pastor and president of a private black college in Ohio, said he constantly hears the angst of African-American and young voters about Obama’s fortunes.

“If he doesn’t get it, there will be a response,” Flake said. “The young people will not be showing up to vote for Hillary Clinton if she gets it. I think given the turnout coming from young people and African-Americans (for Obama), I don’t think they will go to the polls if she is the candidate.””

“There’s a sentiment among blacks that they’ve been taken for granted by the Democratic Party,” Bacot said. “If Obama loses, it’s as though their candidate’s victory was overturned.”

“It’s a stupid way for Obama supporters to think and a stupid way for Hillary Clinton supporters to think,” said Mondesire, a pledged Clinton delegate. “It’s a selfish and destructive way to think. I can’t think of what the Supreme Court would look like if McCain were elected. Roe v. Wade could be diminished, and Brown v. Board of Education could be impacted.” “I am offended by Hillary Clinton. What’s going on now is unwarranted,” said Shirley Graham, an Indianapolis auto company worker. But she will vote Democratic in the fall. “I am a Christian. I can’t allow myself to have lingering bitterness,” she said. Others are undecided.”

“”They’re criticizing Obama in ways that are not really relevant,” said Bill Davis, a Carmel electrical engineer. “I will make a determination about voting in November at that time.” Michelle Moore, however, has made up her mind: Clinton is out. “Senator Obama is just not being treated fairly,” she insisted. “You would think everything that Reverend Wright says is coming right from Obama’s mouth.””





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