“Bad night for Labour” -Says Gordon Brown

2 05 2008

The ‘You don’t say’ awards were given out yesterday and Gordon Brown begrudgingly collected the coveted award with predictable awkwardness and cageyness. He was the runaway winner of the prestigious award, that was started a few months ago by Rantersparadise in reaction to Gordon Brown taking over as prime minister.

    Gordon Brown kissing Carla Bruni

My interest has never been majorly high regarding this race, as I assumed people were just grateful Blair had gone and I guess Gordon Brown shared my sentiments too.

It’s like Brown, you’ve wanted this like for-evah , so why do you have to be so fucking predictable and show yourself to be EXACTLY just like every other power hungry politician? Who are your spin doctors? Your advisers?


How can you not realize that you have a fucking mountain to climb after the shit that Blair left the party with? Labours popularity was dwindling at a ridiculous proportion and however fake and slimy Cameron is-people are inherently conservative. Britain is inherently a conservative country.

What are you thinking?

You ‘acknowledged’ that it was a “bad night” for Labour after the party’s national share of the vote plummeted to 24% – its lowest level since the 1960s – in his first electoral test as prime minister.

Two thirds of the results have been declared and The Conservatives have a 44% of the national share of the vote – which would give that lying prick David Cameron a landslide majority this happened during the general election.

And oh Gordon, even The Liberal Democrats, with 25% of the vote, are ahead of us for the second time ever in their history.

Good work.

Onwards and Upwards!




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