Why is Jenna Jameson in the UK??

1 05 2008

I don’t like her at all. NSFW

    Jenna Jameson vagina & arse

I just really thought her arrogant and rude comments about the porn industry-which made her who she fucking is, was fucking condescending.

Is she releasing her flopped zombie movie here?

I also think she’s ROUGH and I’ve not properly seen her fuck so I can’t comment on her allure…

Anyhow, Mr Pap has a vid of her hitting someone or another here..




2 responses

1 05 2008

Jenna Jameson has the same allure as Carmen Electra and Pamela Anderson. These woman do nothing but look slutty and get paid money for their bad acting skills.

The only thing Jenna has going for her is that hot piece of a boyfriend she has.

1 05 2008

Why are Americans so OBSESSED with her?? Americans are so visual-I never get it, it’s like gay porn, they will go on and on about how hot & incredible this dude is-and he’s be like the most rented porn star and then you watch him and your like, he doesn’t look that good…

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