YAWN: David ‘Twatty’ Cameron attempts to prove his no ‘posh knob’

30 04 2008

What a prick.

“David Cameron declared yesterday that he was no “namby-pamby” son of Notting Hill when he said that his modernising mission, summed up in the Tories’ “vote blue go green” slogan, chimed in every town in the country.

In a rebuke to critics on the right and the left, who say that he is out of touch with the concerns of ordinary voters, the Tory leader told an election rally in Greater Manchester that his green campaign was the best way of transforming city centres.”

The general public pretty have the heads in the fucking clouds, so it wouldn’t surprise me if they brought your contradictory and confused jargon. Geez, do you know who you actually are?


I tired this Wednesday as I slept really badly and had a job interview this morning…so I don’t have the energy to even begin to disect the messages of a politician who is so fake, he might as well use himself as fuel to release carbon dioxide.

That’d help his green views! Right!

News via The Guardian




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