Royal PR team fuck up, again! DOH! “Prince William’s Afghan flight” a PR stunt!!!

30 04 2008

Quel horreur! Je suis shocked! Shocked mon ami!

First they pretend that lager lout dumbo dunce Prince Hazza was fighting in Iraq or summit out of his own ‘brave’ accord but then release the most contrived and staged photos of him(anyone!) being an everyday fighting soldier with his ‘ol gun and laughing with the other army lads like he’s your averaged Joe!


I guess when you choose a job to stay stuck up the arses of The Royal Family, there’s not much hope for common sense or a knack for ‘getting’ the mass per se. But still durh brains…to try and do the same thing with that odious twit whose going out with that odious witch Kate Middleton, is not just stupid, it’s foolish!

“Ken Wharfe, a former Royal protection officer, said William would have been in no real danger during his visit to Afghanistan.

He said: “There is an element of risk but there would be no way security officials would allow it to happen… It would be pretty well sterile while he was there.

“I’m slightly sceptical about this. I think the cynics amongst us will say it’s an attempt to cover up the Chinook jollies.”

Publicist Max Clifford told the BBC the Afghanistan trip had been “a good public relations exercise…Certainly this will get them some good headlines, I imagine.””


News via The Times




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