RANTLOVESFOOD: Do you want to know how to make Chocolate wine?

30 04 2008

Heston Blumenthal has just been awarded another award for ‘inventing’ chocolate wine. Hmm-well he hasn’t really invented it as it dates back centuries, so I guess what they are awarding him for is his perception and also for breathing. I love me some Heston but come on guys……zzzzz.

Why do so many awarding bodies ALWAYS do this? They get carried away with awarding the same person in the particular field. I’m not disputing that he isn’t a genius and I LOVE the fact that he is self taught-a man after my own heart but this is just tedious, especially with something that he hasn’t invented per se.

Anyways, not sure why I’m ranting as the whole concepts of prizes are such a joke; you always here for bribes and such from the olden days to know. They are just back slapping affairs to support the egotistical heads at the table and those they are judging.

Yes, I’m in a grouchier mood then usual-not my fault; there is NO news!!

But do you want to know how to make it? Could be fun or nice….oh and I so want to be taken to The Fat Duck!

How to make it!

— Bring wine to boil. Set it alight and allow flame to burn off. Boil until liquid becomes syrupy and reduces to 150ml

— Grate or finely chop chocolate and put to one side. In a separate pan, bring milk slowly to the boil, pour it over the chocolate and stir

— Add reduced wine to the chocolate milk, heat and froth using a whisk or hand blender. Serve immediately

News via The Times




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