I TOLD you I’d be FAMOUS! I TOLD you! You see? You see! HA!! And you all said I was ugly! Who’s LAUGHING now?

30 04 2008

Probably you my love, probably you.

    Rumer Willis does it in STYLE

I was always on your side-Hollywood needs variety but keep your trap shut about shit like ‘it’s not cause of my mummy & daddy’-that’s just patronizing.

Oh Rumer! I’m impressed by your tenacity-mummy and daddy taught you well! Against the conventional beauty odds-you’ve done it-good for you!

Of course if you weren’t who you were….baaaah…who cares! I love the fact that you’re at the centre of attention in the shoot instead of blond & bouncy Kristin Cavallari!! Even though Christina Milian is the prettiest-she’s black and their is no way that’s ever gonna put forward unless she’s Beyonce!

Image VIA The Mail




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