Breaking news-ish: Obama finally made to break away from The Rev!

30 04 2008

Well, it had to happen. He made a mockery out of Bamz BIG TIME. I just wonder now if this was what the pastor was planning? Was this all a tactical ploy for Obama to finally break away from him and thus hope to garner back any dignity or respect he has left?

This is politics after all folks-the dirtiest game of all.

I have a few theories going round my head….but lets get to the ‘facts‘.

“Senator Barack Obama broke forcefully on Tuesday with his former pastor, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright Jr., in an effort to curtail a drama of race, values, patriotism and betrayal that has enveloped his presidential candidacy at a critical juncture.

At a news conference here, Obama denounced remarks Wright made in a series of televised appearances over the last several days suggesting that the United States had been attacked because it engaged in terrorism on other people, that the government was capable of having used the AIDS virus to commit genocide against minorities and casting Louis Farrakhan, the leader of the Nation of Islam, in a positive light.

In tones sharply different from those Obama used on Monday, when he blamed the media and his rivals for focusing on Wright, and far harsher than those he used to describe Wright during his speech on race in Philadelphia last month, the senator tried to cut all his ties to — and to discredit — his former preacher, the man who presided at Obama’s marriage and baptized his two daughters.”

Sigh. Politics is so fucking depressing.

News via IH




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