What? So the Republicans don’t even trust or like McCain?

29 04 2008

Well this says it all.

    McCain BBC news

“Many Republicans have now concluded that it is only McCain’s willingness to challenge recent Republican orthodoxy that has left him in a position to credibly contend for the White House, given public dissatisfaction with today’s Republican leadership.

“If he hadn’t disagreed with us, he wouldn’t have a chance of being president,” said Representative Zach Wamp of Tennessee.”

Oh…….this is juicy!!

“McCain, the go-his-own-way Arizona lawmaker, has had an up-and-down relationship with Republican colleagues for years, particularly those in the House of Representatives.
He feuded with the former Republican leaders, whom he often treated with disdain and suspicion – a sentiment they often returned.

That checkered past has stirred mixed emotions among House Republicans, who embrace the candidate McCain as a potential savior whose maverick reputation could rescue them in an off-year for the party brand.

But they worry just what a President McCain would portend for them come January, given their divergent views on big-ticket policies like immigration, climate change and campaign spending, to name just three. They would prefer not to be thrown under the Straight Talk Express on Pennsylvania Avenue.”

Well-I never!

God this whole race is so frigging pathetic that I can’t even bare to write this now.

So as we see it-the Dems have spent the past months fucking each other up because Hilary wanted to be Mrs President and couldn’t stop throwing her toys out of her pram and as we know/saw, McCain was flying.

But lets see here-they don’t even LIKE McCain. So they have managed to join together cause they want to stay in power-fair enough AND the Dems who were so desperate to get back in power fucked it up because they didn’t want the black man to be in power!

Nice one.

News via International Herald



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