LONDON NEWZ: Someone hates the ICA? Nay?

29 04 2008

“The ICA is “not about storming the barricades any more”, says Ekow Eshun, the former style journalist who was appointed its boss three years ago. So what is it about?”


I tink someone isn’t a fan of Ekow, riight? Come on- “style journalist”?

Sweetheart, you & I both know that he was the youngest editor of Arena Magazine in the 90’s-when it was hot incidentally. Don’t be bitchy-your article has a bloody good point mate.

This is a hard one. I agree with a lot of what the writer says, but that’s because as a 27 year old, I have found that I have most in common with older men & women-in their 50’s-60’s!?

So I’m not sure how objective I can be? I feel have near to nothing in common with my peers-I don;t care to follow, be pretentious or adulate celebrities. I’d rather de-construct culture-be that celeb or politics, to me it’s ALL the same; bullshit and fun!

Is Richard Morrisson from The Times being idealistic? Of course! I’m not sure if he is just angry about the ICA or about culture right now?

We all know that the appointment of Ekow Eshun was controversial-but like it or not; he understands ‘youth culture’-the culture that The ICA seem to be wanting to attract. The ICA wants to remain part of the youth cultural zeitgeist and it couldn’t have done that with a stuffy elitist from Kraut-land-who may know about the avant-garde but who doesn’t understand the British youth.

Morrison clearly disagrees with me as it shows in the quote above but do you wish what he does?

“People who work in institutes are, by definition, insitutionalised. And that’s the last thing the avant-garde should be. When the Edinburgh Festival reached its 50th birthday, the great George Steiner declared that the best way of celebrating the anniversary would be for it to abolish itself – before what was spontaneous and exhilarating became routine.

I am tempted to offer the ICA the same advice. If the ICA blew itself up tomorrow, what an anarchic statement that would be! Except that I don’t think many people would even notice that it had gone.”

I have to admit, going to the ICA-I don’t feel comfortable-it seems contrived; the people there and the stuff around…but I still like knowing it’s there.

Article via THE TIMES




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